If you are ready to let go and trust a new chapter, consider spending 90mins with Lucy in a fascinating hypnotherapy sessions, held either face to face or online!

We know what you’re thinking… however, the vast majority of people are suggestible to hypnosis. The secret to success is that YOU need to want to make the change, are willing to relax and trust your first intuitive impressions and are ready to open to that which you may not intellectually know or recall.

Most of Lucys clients are so ready, all they need is one session.

Before you book – first trial your abilities by downloading a hypnojourney from Lucy’s Shop. Use it a few times, and notice your level of awareness. Before booking an appointment, make sure you have given yourself an hour off from busyness after a session – so you can re-ground yourself safely in life.

When healing is ready to happen, it can happen fast!

Here’s what two new clients of Lucy’s in 2019 had to say about their 90 minute sessions:

‘Anxiety has been my constant enemy for all my life. It has run through my family for generations. I would obsess about disease and dying whenever the dreaded doctor appointment was due. I got to the point where I decided that it was not going to run my life anymore and booked a hypno session with Lucy. During the session Lucy helped me identified a past life from where the anxiety began, where it was located in my body and what form it took. With the release, I felt enormous relief, as if I was taking a huge gulp of air for the very first time. The expansion I felt afterwards was indescribable. It’s now been 3 months since that session. During this time, I’ve been faced with some life challenges and have found myself facing these with a sense of calm, reasonableness and control. I have regained my power! I now know that while life will continue to present challenges, I now have the ability to step outside myself to view a situation from a higher level. I have a greater sense of self and a ‘knowing’ that I can’t explain, which I embrace with humility, thankfulness and reverence. For the first time I now breathe deeply and purposefully. Thank you Lucy, for opening the door – my new life has begun.’
(Chris. P, Canberra)

‘This year I had a one to one hypnotherapy session with Lucy when she was in Bristol. It was fascinating visiting past lives and very healing. l felt quite different afterwards and it changed my perspective on a few things, for the better.’
(Tabs, Bristol)

Online and Face-To-Face Sessions of 90minutes:
New clients: AUD$320
Regular clients: AUD$220

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