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Are you a group leader, course facilitator, hypnotherapist or simply a self-evolving individual? If you are looking for hypnosis scripts that go far beyond the norm, then you’re in the right place.

Travel beyond the clinical where most scripts can be light and entree-sized … step into the meaty realms of past life regression, future life projection, soul retrieval, shamanism, revisiting the Source, working within Nature, activating the inner healer, inner leader, inner child … whilst releasing the old, the unnecessary energy that holds us all back in life.

Whether you want to present a script to your group or download an audio version for yourself, enjoy the experience!

Most of our hypnoscripts are intricate in detail, range from 4 to 10 pages in length, with both audio and written scripts containing an emphasis on safety, positive reframing, affirmations, embedded suggestions, both directive and permissive use of words.

We take care to avoid the use of negative words and, most importantly, use an invocation and protection throughout all journeys, with a sealing in of your energy, returning lighter and stronger, back into the middle world or ordinary reality.

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