The Shamanic Connection and Clearing Workshop

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Shamanism is an earthy tool that helps empaths, healing practitioners and sensitive people ground and centre their energies, so that they can tune in faster and awaken their senses strongly. Lucy, who was recognised as shaman in 1996 by a group of indigenous elders, uses a blend of intuitive skills, mediumship and shamanism in a variety of methods that have helped thousands of everyday people, emergency services personnel and indigenous folk who come to Lucy to clear curses.

Now you can learn how to access these energies in a safe and grounded environment.

This is a one-day practical, hands-on workshop for all levels of experience, in which you will not only BUILD and TONE UP your intuitive muscles, learn to communicate with animals, but also discover how to minimise your fear of death, MEET your totems and guides and also DETECT and REMOVE attachments and entities within your own energy, others and your home.

Participants will receive a useful workbook and a complimentary copy of Lucy’s book on ‘Get the Hex Away From Me’, a guide to all kinds of clearing ‘curses’ from past and present. (Her other 3 books will also be available to purchase on the weekend.)

On Saturday, Nov 30, 10-4pm in Wagga, you will:

-learn Lucy’s psychic self-defence top 10 methods and rules!
-access different levels and types of Intuition
-discover practical ways to tone up your senses
-develop your TRUST in your individual spiritual connection
-strengthen your Telepathic powers
-learn what the biggest barriers are that stand in your way of true connection
-identify unwanted energies inside you and in your home
-develop a stronger protection so you can focus on your path
-use Lucy’s unique 3-step secret to communicating with your pets and Nature beings
-symptoms of carrying unwanted energies and the differences between entities, attachments, imprints, ghosts, spirits, manifestations, and Walk-Ins
-using dowsers with Lucy’s unique vortex method and why kids love it
-find out who is on your support team in spirit
-and travel to meet your shamanic totems and other spirit guides!

BYO two wire coat hangers, a QUARTZ crystal of any kind, medium size is ideal, yoga mat, eye mask, blanket, notepad, pen, water, packed lunch.

Lucy was a child rescue medium in the 70s and continues to work as a natural conduit for suicides, murder victims and car fatalities and with the police, everyday citizens and emergency services staff, removing stuck spirit from end of life last moments and from the living who have been invaded. She is a regular conference speaker, psycho-spiritual hypnotherapist of 20 years and popular intuitive trainer. Visit her website for more at

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL: Early bird: $170; After November 10th: $195

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