Spirit Releasement – Yourself, Your Home & Others!

$120.00 AUD

(Includes a free hypnojourney audio emailed to all participants and a rare opportunity to observe a demonstration of Lucy in a one to one hypno spirit releasement) This is a one day workshop in which you will discover how to detect attachments and entities within your own energy, others and your home. I travel the world clearing a level of heavy energy that laughingly dismisses the mere use of sage – so you will learn my vortex bazooka method of how to make quite sure that the only presence pf Spirit in your home and yourself is benevolent and part of your guide team and loved ones! Though most of my classes are online, this is a NECESSARY in person workshop – and will include a complimentary hypno journey on Clearing Your Personal Energy just to keep you shiny and protected from now on – plus I will doing a demonstration of a one to one Spirit Releasement HypnoJourney – fascinating to observe! Participants need to bring TWO wire coat hangers, a quartz crystal of any kind and size (altho bigger is better).