Soul Retrieval In The Australian Desert

$36.00 AUD

When traumatic events happen to us in our lives, sometimes a part of our soul energy will split off from the rest and lay frozen in time or hidden within our energy. In this journey, you travel to the red earth of the Australian desert and invoke the last known Ancestor, either in your bloodline from this life or from another life, who knew how to work with energy in harmless, loving and powerful ways. In this place, with the support of your totem energies, you have the opportunity to remove and transform (what I would call) dark totems – blocks in the energy that can often be represented by creatures such as vipers, dragons, monsters and insects. These dark totems form part of your energetic defence mechanism that prevents further progress. When you feel ready, embark on this journey and transform these fragments of your soul so that they can be returned to you as light and wisdom, so that you can set out on your next step with a sense of wholeness and strength.