Retrieving Your Inner Shaman For Use In Challenging Times

$33.00 AUD

At this time in history, it is crucial for us all to call back our spirits in order to walk our paths access our real purpose and remember who we are.

In this 46-minute Hypno Journey, Lucy lands you in an ancient landscape, a past life in which you would deeply connected to ancestral wisdom and nature. A time when you understood the messages of your environment, new your innate powers and helped others in your capacity of a healer, medicine woman or man, seer, wisdom keeper or shaman.

There you will reunite with your Ancestral community – and retrieve foresight, third-eye activation, courage, strength and resilience needed for your Journey in your modern-day life. You will also see your future self and notice any changes that you have made since reclaiming your Power.

You will reclaim the freedom as a soaring Eagle, the courage gained from insights on your path, the groundedness of a Tree and incorporate the high vibrational energies of the leylines into your Being.

It’s time.