Psycho-Spiritual Hypnotherapy Session

$315.00 AUD

Work with one of the best psycho-spiritual hypnotherapists in the business … but only when you are truly ready to release the old and embrace the new. If you have a reaction that feels out of proportion to an event, an intense feeling of anxiety, fear or grief that seems irrational and feel ready to explore further, then  this 90-minute regression session is for you.

All you need is an ability to relax and follow your intuition. After a chat with Lucy to clarify your goal, you will enter the journey. Lucy’s voice will guide you beyond what the mind could imagine. At times you will feel yourself releasing, like steam out of a kettle. At other times, you will notice incoming power as soul is retrieved from other moments and lives.

The destinations vary but many will involve past lives, visiting the space between lives, retrieving power from strong and happy lives, clearing vows, oaths and decisions made in past trauma and connecting to your Purpose and greater knowledge beyond this moment.