Past Lives, Present Baggage

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How Old Decisions Could Be Sabotaging Your Future

Have you met someone who feels familiar? Is that new country or town you just visited feeling like home? Have you family members you feel close to, yet other relatives seem like strangers? Is there a reason you get déjà vu? And what’s the point of living this life if you only have one life to live?If it feels as if your soul is in a classroom and you noticing some of the lessons of being repeated, then you’d be right. Past life believers include Leonardo da Vinci, Alicia Keyes, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lawrence and Patrick Swayze, in addition to a host of historical and famous leaders, scientists, poets and other creative people. Find out WHY you do what you do, why that fear may just be a MEMORY … and what your REAL purpose is!Lucy Baker is a Psycho-Spiritual Hypnotherapist who facilitated alongside the famous Dolores Cannon and Dr Sunny Satin at the 2006 World Congress of Regression Therapists in Delhi. Her unique method of past life releasement, space between lives and soul retrieval is respected internationally.

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