Mid Year Manifester Mentor 30 Day Program

$450.00 AUD


This class is online  and runs from June 1st to June 30th.

June 1 -30 2020

This 30-Day Kickass mentoring with Lucy is all about how you can start to manifest using shamanic energies, understand which times of each month and natural cycles are the optimum times to open to receiving and discovering the secrets of how to clear space within, charge up your powers, discipline the mind and toss out the unnecessary!

Lucy is known for her unusual and powerful blend of self-leadership, intuitive and shamanic teaching – and she will fully support you in owning your SELF as a safe place to gain the rewards of Life – after all that hard work you have done! She is one of the most experienced mentors in psycho-spirituality and shamanism in Australia, with 47 years in the field. For more info on her fascinating background, visit lucybaker.net

The menu:

2 x two-hour LIVE group class, which is recorded – essential for you to go watch when you need to – and if you miss a class

A kickass workbook to guide you through your 30-days, with tips, shamanic secrets, simple yet advanced disciplines to tone up your intuition, connection to higher self and support team in spirit and a strengthening of your etheric boundaries.

Self-paced assignments on Lucy’s top manifesting methods and exercises, shamanic journeys and other related information

a powerful shamanic manifesting hypnotherapy script for you to record in your own voice to heighten your success at linking with prosperity vibes!

2 x manifesting hypno-journeys for you to experience as often as you wish

You’ll feel:

• More in tune with energy

• anchored and ready to manifest

• braver and ready to do what you need to do

Investment: AUD$450 payable in full at registration

Early bird of this price is available until January 10 2020, but be sure to reserve your place asap.