Lucy’s Home & Business Clearings

Everything is about Energy (whether you believe or not!)…It’s common for not only people to carry the energy of others, the form of ‘attachments’ or ‘entities’, due to weak boundaries, vulnerable protection or belief systems that either heighten – or deny  -the possibility… our hones and places of work easily become contaminated also. Symptoms include: technology being switched on when unplugged, feelings of dark or simply intrusive presences of Spirit, nightmares or insomnia, children refusing to sleep in their rooms, a sense of being watched and sudden conflict or illness. The world is full of earthbound spirits – from indigenous (if your house is on sacred land and proper respects have not been given)…  to former residents or neighbours dying and lingering in the area… to those who go home with you from your drive past a roadside memorial or an accident… through to loved ones who have unfinished business. Children living in the home can often be the unwitting bridge between spirit and an adult, and can be the first family members to indicate that you have unwanted tenants. Lucy uses a blend of shamanic, rescue mediumship and vortex power to cleanse and the feelings of release are usually immediate. To have a chat about your needs, please email