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Psycho-Spiritual Hypnotherapy is the most fascinating field within the powerful world of Hypnosis. It requires the Hypnotherapist or Healing Practitioner to resolve their own fears of the unknown, such as death – in order to hold the space to go beyond the realms of knowing – whether it be to release attachments and entities from others and themselves, or travel into a variety of past lives … or up into the space between lives … retrieving soul left behind in a positive life ….visit a parallel life to see how another part of your soul is dealing with Life … or further ahead into a future life that is currently being created based upon the choices one has made up to today.

Traditional clinical hypnotherapy and hypno-journeys can go some way towards healing, however they often stop short of a level of recovery due to a number of factors including: the use of negative words within a session; the belief system of the client and the personal experience of the hypnotherapist. Lucy’s training includes some clinical and general hypnosis skilling prior to delving into the socialised work of regression.

Past Life Hypnotherapist Training is the one of three advanced express trainings offered. The other trainings are: Specialist In Between Lives Hypnotherapy Training (includes rebonding with those in Spirit, healing baby loss, future life travel and soulmate connections) and Shamanic Hynotherapist Training (includes clearing of entities, working with walk-ins, ET cording and soul retrieval).

Your training will help you clear your own energy blocks, build confidence, centre your abilities and help you become a safe, responsible conduit for others’ healing.

Mondays – starting 630-830pm October 26th – through to Nov 30

Your commitment:

  • Students must attend each of the 6 x 2-hour online training sessions or study the recording asap to stay on track and attend no less than 3 x 2-hour online training sessions.
  • Students commit to practising during and after the six weeks’ training with 5 to 10 ‘guinea pigs’ to gain a level of competency
  • Students must intend to graduate within 4 weeks of course completion to receive their certification.
  • Students commit to receiving feedback from their guinea pigs, via the student/client evaluation forms in the Manual.
  • Students commit to creating a self-hypnosis recording.

Your training modules:

  • Approaches to hypnotic induction
  • Modes of perception
  • Using clients eye movements to choose your journey
  • Interviewing your client, pre-hypnosis
  • The power of words and rhythm
  • How to tell if your ego is in the room
  • Mistakes hypnotherapists make
  • 5 ways to ruin a past life journey
  • Protection and use of invocation
  • Entering the Matrix of past life patterns and lives
  • The most important way to work with the moment of death in a past life
  • Travel between past lives
  • When parallel lives occur in a session
  • Accessing the space between lives
  • Where and how to clear past life decisions
  • The most common past life oaths, vows and decisions made by clients
  • The value of soul retrieval from happy past lives
  • Post-hypnosis and how to close the session safely

What you get:

  • Lucy’s comprehensive Past Life Training Manual, with hypnotherapy guidelines, past life flight plans and shamanic approaches and more.
  • Lucy’s written scripts to assist you will be included in Manual, such as ‘Releasing the Inner Saboteur’, ‘Retrieving Wealthy Skills from a Past Life’ and ‘Clearing Vows, Oaths and Decisions.’
  • Students attend 6 x 2-hour online sessions, with a week between each in order to develop their ability through self-hypnosis homework and practice with others.
  • This training is unaffiliated to any hypnotherapy organisation but is designed to complement your current qualifications and experience. Students will, upon satisfactory completion of a final exam, held in Covid-19 times via zoom, receive a Lucy certification to display. Students have 4 weeks to graduate, following their online training completion. A Past Life Therapist training certificate will then be posted to the graduate.
  • Due to Covid and the absence of travel/venue overheads, the special investment rate for this training is currently being offered at AUD$750.00 (usually AUD1950.00).

Students can either:

  1. Pay in full prior to start of training
  2. Pay in two direct debit instalments – one of $425 (prior to start) and $325 (in week 3).
  3. Pay via, if in Australia, Payid to 0410930726 or Bendigo Bank account 158646935/BSB 633000
  4. Pay via, if International:

Why work with Lucy?

“As the principal organizer of the 2nd World Congress on Regression and Past Life Therapy held in New Delhi, India in March 2006, I had the pleasure of inviting and working with Lucy Baker in India. She combines mind techniques, energy flows, and her inherent shamanic abilities to enable (what I would call) ‘miracle’ healings for her clients. At the same time, Lucy freely teaches all that she knows and practices, without holding anything back. If you are interested in learning techniques that very few people in the world teach, please plan on attending one of her workshops.” (Dr Sunny Satin, Ph.D., C.HT., LBLT.Director, California Hypnosis Institute (USA), Director, School of Hypnotherapy, India MBR, American Board of Hypnotherapy, International Hypnosis Association)

“Lucy Baker is no self-asserted guru. Lucy is the realest person I have ever met. I can’t put into words everything she has done for me over the years but I can tell you that no matter what you’ve been through or where you feel you are, Lucy will empower you in the most needed, lasting, genuine way, because Lucy teaches you to grow, let go, accept, love and most of all – to empower yourself. So very grateful.” Nell Archer, Psychic TV (Australia)

“I’ve trained with both Brian Weiss and Michael Newton and then came to Lucy to expand on my psycho-spiritual hypnotherapy skills. She taught me a depth of work that surpassed my expectations and increased my shamanic abilities to connect in a session which has had a huge impact on my business.” (Mike S. USA)

 “Lucy is much more than a teacher – she is a Force of Nature, who Walks her Talk.” Susan P, Hypnotherapist (Australia)

“What makes Lucy special is her way of merging a lot of subjects most teachers separate, like psychic development, mediumship, individual power, shamanism, numerology, meditation – she’s across it all. More bang for my buck, and simply taught.” James C. (UK)

 “They should make a movie called ‘Lucy’ about this Lucy!” Ante S (Australia)

“My hypnotherapy training with Lucy was actually the best personal growth experience I’ve had.” (Allen C. Australia)

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