Canberra: Visit Your Past Lives To Heal Your Present!

$110.00 USD

Join one of Australia’s most experienced and respected Psycho-Spiritual hypnotherapists, Lucy Baker, for a fascinating and experiential workshop running Saturday June 16th from 10-4pm in Canberra in 2019!

This workshop was received wonderfully across Europe, Iceland and USA this year and – before it heads to Canberra for June 16th, come and:

– see a whole new perspective on your life, based on Lucy’s 30
years in the field, how many lives are connected to your present one, where you came from and what your over-riding purpose is on this earthplane
– discover what’s holding you back
– learn about the range of past lives and how they lead to particular habits,
– find out where Trump would head straight back to if he was on Lucy’s hypno-couch!
– explore the idea of parallel lives, where an autistic client travelled to and why a particular type of past life gives you money issues now
– use Lucy’s Fear Method to free up your intensity that is blocking your progress
– understand your link with significant people in your current life
– listen to Lucy’s experience of working with ‘Walk-Ins’, attachments and those who have died abruptly
– travel to various lives and release old stored oaths, religious vows and decisions that prevent your purpose, ability to grow wealth, lose weight, open psychically, heal yourself, strengthen health and attract powerful relationships.

Participants will also receive a FREE full-length hypnotherapy journey from Lucy that will continue to tone up your mojo, strengthen your health and help you progress.

Why work with Lucy?

Firstly, she’s trained some of the finest hypnotherapists in Australia since the late 90s, sharing her unique past life, soul retrieval and space-between-lives flight plan to thousands of regression therapists and curious travellers worldwide since 1996.

Lucy was a Facilitator alongside Dolores Cannon and Dr Sunny Satin at the World Congress of Regression Therapists in Delhi 2006 and remains a popular speaker at various international medical groups and theosophical societies.

Graduates of both Brian Weiss and Michael Newton’s trainings work with Lucy to expand their skills with her unusual method that goes beyond everyday hypno travel.

An intuitive trainer and Medicine Teacher of 30yrs, she was awarded the Psychic of the Year in Australia, 2005, is the Author of the popular Instagram and Facebook ‘The Lucy Daily’ that enjoys 20K readers a week and is known for combining her past life and interlife hypno-skills with shamanic energies for profound results.

Recognised as Shaman by a gathering of the Indigenous in 1996, Lucy’s clients include Aboriginal people who need to remove curses, ambassadors who need to attract more charisma, police officers and nurses who require greater protection and everyday people who want to gain their ideal weight, health, relationship and career success.

BYO yoga mat, eye mask, notepad, pen and water. Please TEXT Lucy (as she is often in a session) if you would to have an informal chat or to to book your place