Get Mentored: Choose The 30-Day January 2020 Special, The 8-Month or The Year-long Mentor Programs, these include regular live group classes, special assignments, powerful hypno-journeys and a fantastic workbook for you to use for the rest of your life. Each Program also includes a Bonus one-to-one live video session with Lucy.  Ideally suited for those who need a cheerful, but firm nudge in the right direction!

“I’ve done many classes and courses with various mentors and Lucy is by far the most grounded, nurturing, ‘tell it how it is’ and experienced I’ve learnt from.” (Jasmine, Australia)

Intuitive Counselling: If you are clear about what you need to know, then this can often be a turning point one-hour session face to face or via Facetime with Lucy. If you want someone to tell you about your life, there are many terrific psychics out there. (Lucy was the APA-awarded Psychic Of The Year in 2004, so add her name to your list:))However, if you are would like her blend of grounded, practical self-development balanced with the ethereal – and are ready to make changes for the better, then utilise Lucy’s unique combination of shamanic-intuitive techniques and some serious self-help motivational information. Only when you are ready, get in touch. (AUD$285)

Psycho-Spiritual Hypnotherapy: If you have a reaction that feels out of proportion to an event, an intense feeling of anxiety, fear or grief that seems irrational and feel ready to explore further, then perhaps this 90-minute regression session is for you. The destinations vary but many will involve past lives, visiting the space between lives, retrieving skills and power from strong and happy lives, clearing vows, oaths and decisions made in past trauma and connecting to knowledge beyond this moment. (AUD$315)

From Chris, a hypno client: ‘Anxiety has been my constant enemy for all my life. It has run through my family for generations. I would obsess about disease and dying whenever the dreaded doctor appointment was due. I got to the point where I decided that it was not going to run my life anymore and booked a hypno session with Lucy. During the session Lucy helped me identified a past life from where the anxiety began, where it was located in my body and what form it took. With the release, I felt enormous relief, as if I was taking a huge gulp of air for the very first time. The expansion I felt afterwards was indescribable. It’s now been 3 months since that session. During this time, I’ve been faced with some life challenges and have found myself facing these with a sense of calm, reasonableness and control. I have regained my power! I now know that while life will continue to present challenges, I now have the ability to step outside myself to view a situation from a higher level. I have a greater sense of self and a ‘knowing’ that I can’t explain, which I embrace with humility, thankfulness and reverence. For the first time I now breathe deeply and purposefully. Thank you Lucy, for opening the door – my new life has begun.’

“This year I had a one to one hypnotherapy session with Lucy when she was in Bristol. It was fascinating visiting past lives and very healing. l felt quite different afterwards and it changed my perspective on a few things, for the better.”
(Tabs, Bristol)

Who You Gonna Call? If your house or work is carrying heavy energy, or you have the feeling that you are being ‘watched’, then your instincts are probably correct. Most people lives in homes or work in offices riddled with, to a clairvoyant eye, low fog and areas of heavy toxicity. While ‘smudging’ or sage-ing’ can affect some change, Lucy has developed her ‘bazooka-type’ Vortex Clearing, which removes the most stubborn of entities and attachments. Lucy has worked with the whole range of stuck energies, from mild to possessive. Many people who have died abruptly through accident, suicide, murder and addiction, as well as old age, simply keep ‘living’ in their homes. Sometimes, it is because they are earthbound and their minds are stuck in the death moment, which can be terrifying. Once a house is cleared, there is a great feeling of lightness and relief. As soon as it’s your space, your team of guides and loved ones in Spirit tend to make themselves at home, ready to give advice and support you on your paths in loving ways. Prices range from AUD$180 upwards.

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