From face to face to face one-day and weekend workshops and coastal retreats to 60-minute online classes, you’ll find something to keep your interest and develop your most potent muscle of all: your intuition!

Online classes happen regularly, from 30-day mentoring programs to fascinating one-off classes. Usually, these are delivered through so ideally download Zoom onto your laptop if you want to see everyone in class with you, or you can simply use the zoom app on your mobile. Sometimes, it’s even easier and all you need to do is click on a link that you are sent prior to a group.

Stay tuned for Lucy’s new workshop calendar, coming to this space…soon!




How it works

You purchase the class, and Lucy receives your email details. She will then email you a link to her online classes via Dropbox. You can choose whether you want to receive all the lessons at one or, perhaps more wisely, study a lesson per week and then practice Lucy's methods and exercises in the days following, before the next class. Please contact her with any queries at

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