This is the audio version of one of Lucy’s most popular courses, filled to the brim with fascinating information and related with her usual blend of spirituality, self-development, groundedness and humour.

Divided into 30-minute segments for easy listening, this 20-unit course comes with suggested homework, exercises to prompt your intuition and other useful material to keep you focused and on your path!

The fee is AU$249, payable via PayPal – fill in the form below (or if in Australia, email Lucy to get her banking details).




Introduction: What To Expect

Lesson 1: Centering Is A Necessity!*

Lesson 2: Lucy’s Favourite Protective Methods

Lesson 3: Psychic Self-Defence

Lesson 4: Reincarnation and The Soul

Lesson 5: Group Karma

Lesson 6: Auras, Chakras & Vortex Energies

Lesson 7: Vortex Clearing & Poltergeists

Lesson 8: Clairvoyance & Tinkerbell Energy

Lesson 9: Clairsentience & Clairolfaction

Lesson 10: Spirit Guides & Loved Ones In Spirit

Lesson 11: Devas, Nature Spirits & The Moon

Lesson 12: The Variety Of Soulmates

Lesson 13: Mediumship & The Moment of Death

Lesson 14: The Rescue Mediumship Of A Murder Victim

Lesson 15: Clearing Your Energy Of Other People *

Lesson 16: Creating Your Psychic Dictionary

Lesson 17: Turning Your Mind Into A Power Tool!

Lesson 18: Lucy’s Favourite Attraction Methods

Lesson 19: Putting It Altogether

Lesson 20: And Finally …!


(*These lessons include a guided meditation or light hypnosis suggestions, so only listen to when you are in a safe environment and definitely not driving or handling heavy equipment.)


Here’s what past students said about it:


“Loved it! Looking forward to every lesson.”

“Lucy has the most beautiful delivery and uses very simple techniques that provide students with tangible and intuitive results. I am so excited!”

“Great, really excited about the Full Moon Completion Ritual. Having a great time in class.”

“Easy to listen to, and Lucy has a way of speaking about complex subjects like no other teacher I have experienced – she makes it so attainable> My confidence increased just by the sound of her voice!” 


Why work with me? I was the Psychic of The Year in 2004, have been a Rescue Medium since 1971 (helping earthbound Spirit – those who have died abruptly – release from the Earth plane). I am also an Indigenously-recognised shaman since ’96 and self-development trainer. My speciality is blending all this together to help you progress! 🙂


My reputation is built on my speciality is to blend your self-development with intuitive powers – so that you can walk forward with more power, awareness, success and light.


So, let’s get started! If not now, when…?

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How it works

You register below, and Lucy receives your email details. She will then email you a link to her online classes via Dropbox. You can choose whether you want to receive all the lessons at one or, perhaps more wisely, study a lesson per week and then practice Lucy's methods and exercises in the days following, before the next class. Please contact her with any queries at


If you feel ready to switch channels, clear out the old and turn your attention to what you really deserve, then let's get connected!