To contact Lucy with any media-related enquiries, please fill in the contact form below. Lucy’s clients include several media, reality TV and other well-known personalities who regularly benefit from her interesting range of tools gathered over the past 44 years in the field of spiritual and personal development.

A skilled group facilitator and author, Lucy has worked within the medical, palliative care, crisis counselling, pastoral care, clinical and psycho-spiritual hypnotherapy, stress management and mindfulness fields for 35 years.

She is known as a good-natured and grounded speaker, and has been invited to share her knowledge at many groups, theosophical gatherings and health conferences, including The World Congress of Regression Therapies in India and The Medical Integrative Group in New York. As an accomplished writer and AWGIE-nominated screenwriter and tutor, she is also the ghost writer of choice for successful business leaders, and a published author.

As a pioneer in the area of self-empowerment and health, Lucy compiled Australia’s first health kit for medical professionals on how to recognise victims of torture for Amnesty International in 1991, created the first bedtime reading program for youth in juvenile detention and in 2008, founded The Spirituality Church of Canberra, offering a combination of ancient wisdom, Buddhism mindfulness, inspirational speakers on personal development, mediumship and uplifting non-religious energy, for those disenchanted by traditional religion and individual disconnection. She was also a regular group facilitator for survivors of domestic violence, running courses for the Women’s Information & Referral Centre (WIRC) before it was disbanded by government a few years ago.

Her media career included her daily op-ed column for Fairfax Media, editing a national weekly UK magazine, sub-editor of 26 women’s, medical, photography and industrial titles and medical editor at five others in London and Australia. As a travel correspondent, Lucy worked for AFN in Frankfurt and also penned a column for The Geneva News & International Report. Published hundreds of times across countries, her features have appeared in various travel, current affairs and lifestyle titles.

As a radio presenter with over 16 years’ experience, Lucy is also a regular guest on community, local and national radio, including ABC 2CC.

Lucy’s passion is in working with people who are at turning points, and are ready to move forward and get out of their own way. She assists by helping them tone up their intuition (an innate sense that all top leaders respect), increasing their mental power (disciplining the mind) – so that they can be of service by becoming clear enough to have their purpose go through them, rather than be of them


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