Considered the Go-To-Mojo Spiritual Advisor and Psycho-Spiritual Mentor for thousands of evolving women and men over 30 years, Pastor Lucy Baker helps people retrieve power and get out of their own way, using her unique blend of spirituality, shamanism and self-development. Her clients include high visibility leaders, TV personalities, shamans, millionaires, police officers, medical professionals and everyday human beings who want to reclaim themselves and their purpose.


Time to Trust in Your Senses!

Close your physical eyes and a whole new world will emerge – if you allow it and grant yourself the time. So, here it is – a one day taster for those intrigued at the idea of any entire weekend retreat on the theme of Trust, Surrender, Believe, Open and Relax! Using sophisticated blindfolds that obscure all light, you will start to develop your third eye without the complacency of knowing you can peek with your other two eyes. Within a safe environment, you will discover how to accelerate your sixth senses, tune into the energy of sounds and connect with your clairsentience on a far deeper level. Join Lucy for this fascinating day of exploration! Bring a yoga mat, blanket, large bottle of water. Lunch, beverages are provided.

Sun, Jan 12 TBC Canberra, Australia 10-330pm AUD$280


The 30-Day Manifester Mentor Program

An Online Program of Power for Ready Explorers!

This 30-Day Kickass mentoring with Lucy is all about how you can start to manifest using shamanic energies, understand which times of each month and natural cycles are the optimum times to open to receiving and discovering the secrets of how to clear space within, charge up your powers, discipline the mind and toss out the unnecessary! You’ll feel: • More in tune with energy • anchored and ready to manifest • braver and ready to do what you need to do

June 1-30 2020 Online via Zoom Early Bird: AUD$450


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