Considered the Go-To-Mojo Spiritual Advisor for thousands of evolving women and men over 30 years, Pastor Lucy Baker helps people retrieve power, call back their Spirit and get out of their own way, using her unique blend of spirituality, shamanism and self-development. Her clients include high visibility leaders, TV personalities, shamans, millionaires, police officers, medical professionals and everyday human beings who want to reclaim themselves and their purpose.

Join Lucy for a weekend of immersive energies in order to deepen your connection to your purpose and to Source power. Retreats are often held by the ocean within strong aboriginal vortex vibration to assist you in your journeying inward. Usually held from Friday evenings through to Sunday early afternoons, contents include times of silence, group shamanic journeys, meditations and dreamworking. 

In order to deepen your strength, it's essential to heal experiences lived within a human body, releasing old decisions you have made about yourself, about life and other beliefs. Transformation on this level often includes heart healing, inner child work and removing old, limited mind patterns that have arisen from repetitive thought. In these workshops, you have an opportunity to shed the old and unnecessary in order to step into a new You, one that connects your heart with your spirit and your spirit with your mind.

The second path to deep healing requires you to open beyond the mind to experience incoming inspiration and clues to the life purpose your soul is meant to experience. Work on this sphere often calls you to develop your sensory skills, tone up your intuition, tune into your support team in Spirit and to 'earth' yourself in shamanic process, so that you can become super-conscious of the signals and symbols you are receiving on your path.

Create Your Own Oracle Deck for Beginners

Inspire yourself everyday!

Have you ever wanted your own custom mystical cards? Then this day is for you! Join me for a practical day of designing your own set of wisdom cards, using your favourite affirmations, motivational quotes and colourful intuitive senses to produce a deck you'll want to use every day. My first tarot deck was drawn by myself decades ago. They were in my own hand, spoke to me on a personal level and I knew exactly what the messages were when I chose three each morning...Now you can do the same. You can use your finished deck for home or professional use, as the blank cards you'll be using as templates are of good quality. As a past awarded Psychic of the Year, I will advise you on key elements and themes for your deck. I'll show you how to program them with your vibes and turn them into living energetic tools giving you objective answers.

Sun, Oct 6 Canberra, Australia 10-4pm $160


The Creative Ocean Silent Retreat Australia

Time to Make Time for You

Over the weekend, you'll be tuning into you hermit,your own muse (you and your creative inspiration to find out more about your work, your soul's purpse and who you now choose to become - far away from the pressures of everyday life. You will have plenty of time to go deeper on a solitary level as part of your retreat will be in silence. A book will be given to you on the Friday night that will contain something significant for your path. This will be your companion for 24 hours until you are invited to hand this treasure to one of your fellow retreaters who you intuitively sense may gain insight from it! Contact asap to book your place on this special final gathering of the year with a small group. A deposit of $100 is required to reserve a place, with the remaining $270 payable upon arrival.

Nov 1-3 2019 South Coast NSW 7pm-2pm POA





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