Lucy offers three types of sessions:

The Shamanic Mentoring 4-Week Package: this is a weekly coaching session, one per week, with homework given, for those who need a cheerful, but firm nudge in the right direction. Toning up your intuition, dreamwork, goal visualisation, taking charge of the negative mind, noticing the signs and clues in nature, increasing your Presence and re-assigning your ‘control freak’ to a much more useful job inside you, are just some of the ways Lucy can help you get on with getting happier. (AU$180/session)

Intuitive Counselling: if you are clear about what you need to know, then this can often be a turning point one-hour session with Lucy. If you want someone to tell you about your life, there are many terrific psychics out there. But if you are ready to make changes for the better, then utilise Lucy’s unique combination of shamanic-intuitive techniques and some serious self-help motivational information. Only when you are ready, get in touch. (AU$150/hr)

Psycho-spiritual hypnotherapy: If you have a reaction that feels out of proportion to an event, an intense feeling of anxiety, fear or grief that seems irrational and feel ready to explore further, then perhaps this 90-minute regression session is for you. The destinations vary but many will involve past lives, visiting the space between lives, retrieving skills and power from strong and happy lives, clearing vows, oaths and decisions made in past trauma and connecting to knowledge beyond this moment. (AU$180/session)

To work with Lucy face to face or online, email your choice of contact, location and availability. She will contact you to arrange a suitable time.

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If you feel ready to switch channels, clear out the old and turn your attention to what you really deserve, then let's get connected!