This is the online version of Lucy’s popular 8-week training course, offering 12 hours of Lucy’s tuition, with course notes and homework. It’s ideal to watch one hour a week so as to practice your developing skills in the days in between the last and next lesson. It’s also great to make notes as you watch and listen to Lucy.


Course duration: 12 hours, course notes and homework provided, course content includes: psychic protection; gaining a new perspective of life and purpose; soul mates; past lives; mediumship and intuitive frequencies; karma and reincarnation; space-clearing; retuning the negative mind; guided meditations; strengthening the four intuitive centres; tuning and channelling inspiration from guides; auras and chakra toning; connecting with Spirit as an everyday tool in life and self-development.




You have the choice to work with Lucy live online, so as to analyse your dreaming, receive direct feedback and immediate hypno-journeys designed to have you connect on a deeper level with earth energy, the power of vortices, telepathic animal communication skills, discovering your 12 totem animals within you, how and when to work with devas and more!


Course duration: 4-weeks as part of an online live group, with weekly lessons and experiential homework encouraged.

How it works

You register below, and Lucy receives your email details. She will then email you a link to her online classes via Dropbox. You can choose whether you want to receive all the lessons at one or, perhaps more wisely, study a lesson per week and then practice Lucy's methods and exercises in the days following, before the next class. Please contact her with any queries at


If you feel ready to switch channels, clear out the old and turn your attention to what you really deserve, then let's get connected!