The Bathtub Medium: before there were training colleges and certificates, Lucy was working as a child rescue medium helping frightened earthbound Spirit at her home in Wales in 1972. At 8 years old, Lucy was found in the bathtub by her startled mum talking to earthbound Spirit (or as she saw them, ‘children who had died’) telling them they were dead, had no need for their bodies and could go to the Light to be met by their families. This is how she continues to work with those stuck in the moment of death.

The Celt: raised within a Celtic-Irish family where the veils between worlds were understood and accepted, Lucy’s great-aunt was a famous spiritualist healer who practiced for decades in the south-east of England, while her step-father (formerly a mathematician and celebrated academic climatologist) was a well-known homeopath and spiritualist healer in Devon. Lucy’s mother was also a gifted spiritualist trance medium and animal healer, and who remains one of her wisest teachers.

The Seeker: Lucy was raised Catholic until her entry into spiritualism and intuitive development at the age of 12. After a stint as a young medium on the Johannesburg Spiritualist church platform from age 16, she studied Tibetan-Buddhism. One of the greatest learnings at this time was Lucy’s realisation that the experience of religion (learning about structure) must be attained before opening to spirituality (breaking free of structure). After being present at many deaths as a young nurse in South Africa, and with her experiences of her childhood rescue mediumship, she realised her purpose was to be a bridge for others between life and death, old chapters and new beginnings. Over the next two decades, Lucy developed her connections with Spirit, incorporated spiritual art into her work, and began teaching intuitive and mediumship development workshops from 1983 in Europe and Australia.

The Recognised Shaman: acknowledged as one by indigenous shamans in 1996 following a 34-year apprenticeship, Lucy works quietly within shamanic practice in the areas of soul retrieval, earthbound spirit and helping those who have taken on unwanted energies from trauma. She also works with missing persons and murder victims, and has assisted on a number of cases in a voluntary unpaid capacity on condition of her anonymity.

The Psycho-Spiritual Expert: considered the foremost psycho-spiritual hypnotherapy trainer in the country, some of Lucy’s graduates include famous authors and successful business leaders. Her methods include specialised, shamanic techniques that are unavailable in the public teaching domain. She now creates bespoke hypno-journeys for workshop facilitators and group leaders, and has presented her meditation on radio for mesmerised listeners.

The Intuitive Counsellor: Lucy, who was awarded the APA’s Psychic of the Year in 2004, now works with hundreds of people around the world each year, using her specialised blend of shamanistic self-help, ancient wisdom, inner child, numerology and guide connection. Her Clients include medical doctors, celebrities, nurses, lawyers, police officers, ambassadors, soldiers, business leaders and everyday people who want to call back their spirit and be who they really are.

The Popular Speaker: known for her grounded, good-humoured talks, Lucy has talked at various Theosophical Society centres and spiritualist churches, in addition to facilitating trainings with the New York Medical Integrative Group, selected Energy Therapy Conferences and The World Congress of Regression Therapies.

The Church Pastor: Lucy founded The Spirituality Church of Canberra 10 years ago, expanding beyond the religious structure of the former Spiritualist Church, its retired President Elsie Brownell granting Lucy her personal blessing. Services (which include personal development and spirituality speakers, mindfulness, a guided healing meditation, insights from ancient wisdom and contemporary new age and guest mediums) have attracted a new and diverse congregation of humans who desire their own connection to divinity separate to outside authority. Now with a team of three Associate Pastors, Patricia Hueneke, Debi Booth and Jenny Martin, the future of this Light in the community will continue to be of Service.

The Funeral & Wedding Celebrant: Lucy trained in pallative care and has officiated some heart-warming farewells and some joyous weddings over the years. Often on call to be there for families before and after the death of a loved one, this is familiar energy to her and one she considers a great honour to be a part of.

The Writer: Lucy’s writings were first published in 1974. She went on to study journalism before becoming a travel correspondent in London, Frankfurt, Greece and Geneva for American Forces Network and The Geneva News & International Report, among others. She is a published author of self-help titles, a nominated screenwriter and a ghost writer for successful business leaders.

The Lucy Daily: Lucy’s daily posts began in Texas July 2017, on a whim of summer heat, incoming insight and a desire to keep human beings facing forward and trusting their way through those tunnels of doom we all pass through. The Lucy Daily has attracted an increasingly eager fanbase of people intent on reclaiming their mojo. Take yourself lightly and your purpose seriously is the over-riding mission. Tune in, share it, become part of a fabulous ripple of good vibes – and it’s free.  You’ll find The Lucy Daily via www.facebook.com/The-Lucy-Daily or www.instagram.com/The.Lucy.Daily/


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