Well known in her field, Lucy Baker helps people who need to let go of old hurt, increase their mind power, connect with their innate intuition and grow their confidence. A private coach in self-help and spirituality, she is considered the foremost psycho-spiritual hypnotherapy trainer in Australia, and has skilled hundreds of hypnotherapists worldwide in specialised and shamanic techniques that deepen client experience beyond the clinical. Combining her intuitive, mediumship and shamanic skills with personal development, she is a popular speaker who also leads groups in self transformation and healing.


A guide to clearing curses from past lives to present day
The Hexciting Workshop coming to UK and USA August 2018!
- to book, email lucy@lucybaker.net


This one-day workshop is a fantastic opportunity to educate yourself on real protective methods that deter invasion of harmful energies - that will hinder your path of progress and your ability to attract success, functional relationship and health. No experience necessary, all welcome. BYO water, packed lunch, notepad, pen, two wire coat hangers, a medium-sized quartz crystal for vortex work, a yoga mat, eye mask and blanket and an open mind.

Contents include: What are Curses; Past Life Curses; Family Curses; Present Life Curses; Everyday Attachments; Entities – from the mild to the demonic; Symptoms of A Curse; Real Psychic Protection; Why Psychic Attack Can Be A Compliment; Clearing your Self; Beyond Sage: Clearing Your Home; Clearing your Workplace; Other ways to break Curses and The Secrets Of Shamanic Impenetrability



Lucy Baker started working with earthbound Spirit as a child in 1972. The youngest medium on the platform in South Africa's Spiritualist community in 1976, she was recognised as shaman by the indigenous in 1996 and today is a well-known Australian-based psycho-spiritual expert, spirit releasement therapist and intuitive trainer. Lucy grew up in the second most violent city of the planet, has studied with mediums and shamans since the age of 12 and is the foremost rescue medium in Canberra working with murder victims, suicides, missing persons and others who have died abruptly and don't realise they are dead. Lucy's clients include aboriginal people whose tribes cannot clear their specific curses. She works with vortex energies and has cleared such powerspots at Glastonbury Tor, Findhorn, Culloden and Gracelands in Memphis, in addition to private haunted homes. The author of several books, a facilitator in the World Congress of Regression Therapies in Delhi, 2004 and the APA's Psychic of The Year in 2006, Lucy is known for her grounded and good-humoured approach to teaching complex material in easy-to-understand themes in order to help those attempting to turn their lives around in contemporary, busy life.




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Lucy Baker

Best Video You Will Ever See
So beautiful ❤
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Lucy Baker
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Lucy Baker

Winning Edge Academy
MENTAL FORTITUDE | This retiring Admiral and Navy Seal trainer delivers one of the most inspiring and uplifting speeches you will ever hear💥👊🏼 Credit: Goalcast
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9 months ago

Lucy Baker

"I can save a life, but I can’t marry the person I love.

When you have a heart attack, a road accident, a sick child (or even bringing a healthy one into the world!) - I’m the one who is there when you need me most.

I am there for the best days of people’s lives, and I am sometimes there for their worst.

But some people think I am less of a person because of who I love.

I am a paramedic. My profession is one of the most trusted. But I still feel like a second class citizen.

While I will never support our Prime Minister holding a divisive postal survey on my human rights, as long as it’s going ahead, we need to win.

Even if this issue doesn’t affect you personally, the power is in your hands to change my life and millions of other Australians.

So if you haven’t, please go to check.aec.gov.au/ enrol to vote and check your details are up to date."

- Morgyn McCarthy
MICA Paramedic, United Voice Victoria member (and hopefully one day, wife)
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