Well known in her field, Lucy Baker helps people who need to let go of old hurt, increase their mind power, connect with their innate intuition and grow their confidence. A private coach in self-help and spirituality, she is considered the foremost psycho-spiritual hypnotherapy trainer in Australia, and has skilled hundreds of hypnotherapists worldwide in specialised and shamanic techniques that deepen client experience beyond the clinical. Combining her intuitive, mediumship and shamanic skills with personal development, she is a popular speaker who also leads groups in self transformation and healing.




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Intuitive & Mediumship Development Circle

April 28, 2017, 6:30pm - April 28, 2017, 8:30pm

Join me in a circle and learn how to tune in, send and receive messages and notice whether your abilities are directing you into rescue work, healing or tuning into Spirit. I ran Canberra's longest ru...

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Practical Intuitive Development Level One - The 8-Week Course

May 26, 2017, 6:30pm - May 26, 2017, 8:15pm


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Be the calm in a week of turmoil.

There is always a pin point of light in the midst of darkness. And on this planet seething with character development lessons and choices between light and dark offered to each of us every moment, light remains the strongest force in the universe. However it is also there to shine into shadow, into darkness.

That point of light is the fact that events like the Syrian chemical attack - and the Queanbeyan rampage of murder and assault - raises horror in the beholder.

If everyone said 'what a good idea!', then there would be no light, no escape from the hell of man’s ability to be evil. So, instead of getting trapped in the drama down here, reach beyond for a higher perspective.

Victims of an event which has such ramifications are taking part in something special on a soul level, intended to raise the consciousness of millions, may well have volunteered for this.
You have to imagine being between lives and given this challenge, of course you'd accept at the time.

Last year, I was in Dunblane where I worked with a soul of one of the children lost 21 years ago.

Thomas Hamilton walked into Dunblane Primary School, near Stirling, Scotland on March 13 1996, armed with four legally-owned handguns and over 700 rounds of ammunition. In three to four terrible minutes, he fired 105 shots killing 16 children and their teacher, and wounding 15 more children. His last shot killed himself. In Scotland, handgun offences fell by almost 80% in the five years after Dunblane. Despite resistance, the impact of this horrendous act continues to change the face of gun control in the UK and through generations.

So, if you were invited – in that space between lives, prior to incarnation, to join a group of volunteers who were willing to have a life that may be brief in nature however with an impact that may change the course of history by motivating action with the intention of eventual peace – would you raise your hand?

And what of countless attacks that happen every minute that do not reach the headlines? If a tree falls in a forest, and we don’t hear it, has it happened? – yes it has but the effects are for those who experience it…

If nobody sees or knows about the crime, then it is karma that is just rolling along, ultimately for the benefit of both parties. When an abrupt event, big or small, wakes us up, it is for a reason that may ultimately bring about healing or awakening.

Some of the most inspiring leaders have come from abusive childhoods. We know, by watching others who have gone before us that it is possible to turn trauma into empowerment. And we can help – a Vancouver tattoo artist designs tattoos around cut lines from self-injury, burn welts and traces of physical violence, painting them into symbols of power.

So how can you turn pain into potency in your own life? What have you learned about yourself and your resilience, courage and survival?

Focus back on YOU not on others. Those people from your past were only souls in a contract. That contract has now expired – you are free to heal and move onwards with new values and perspectives if you choose.

What will you decide to do this week?
Namaste, Lucy xx
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In light of some devastating abrupt events across the planet, it's little wonder we need to focus on grounding ourselves in order to send useful energies towards those in need. Astrologically, it might feel like we’re being blown about by the winds of change. An emotionally powerful Sun-Pluto argument whips up stormy seas, especially if someone is trying to exert control over our actions. It could even seem as if fighting back isn’t worth it as affectionate Venus is blocked by harsh Saturn. The logical Virgo Moon helps us keep our current struggles in perspective so we can reestablish our centre of gravity before we re-engage in a conflict. In short, what better time than to lash yourself to the mast of the ship and keep breathing...Ride the storm, send love and strength. ... See MoreSee Less

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