“Lucy Baker is no self asserted guru. Lucy is the realest person I have ever met. I can’t put into words everything she has done for me over the years but I can tell you that no matter what you’ve been through or where you feel you are, Lucy will empower you in the most needed, lasting, genuine way, because Lucy teaches you to grow, let go, accept, love and most of all – to empower yourself. So very grateful.”  Nell Archer, Psychic TV, Australia 


“Lucy is much more than a teacher – she is a Force of Nature, who Walks her Talk.”  Susan P, Hypnotherapist, Australia

“Over 50K hits on Youtube, yet this woman, for some strange reason, is certainly Australia’s biggest secret, and I only found her by chance over here. Her work needs a voice, out there, to reach others the way I found her.” Rob, USA

“What makes Lucy special is her way of merging a lot of subjects most teacher separate, like psychic development, mediumship, individual power, shamanism, numerology, meditation – she’s across it all. More bang for my buck, and simply taught.”  James C, UK

“They should make a movie called ‘Lucy’ about this Lucy!”  Ante S, Australia

“Thank you for the messages that you shared on your YouTube channel. I felt like you were talking directly to me in many of the videos. I appreciate that you put these messages out there, and I wanted you to know how grateful I am to have spent the morning watching your light shine, and learning so many great lessons. I feel so much more free, open, easy and as you say, ‘soft’. I feel like this journey is going to be more fun now, and that makes me SO HAPPY!”  Stephanie (Burlington Ontario, Canada)

“As the principal organizer of the 2nd World Congress on Regression and Past Life Therapy held in New Delhi, India in March 2006, I had the pleasure of inviting and working with Lucy Baker in India. She combines mind techniques, energy flows, and her inherent shamanic abilities to enable (what I would call) ‘miracle’ healings for her clients. At the same time, Lucy freely teaches all that she knows and practices, without holding anything back. If you are interested in learning techniques that very few people in the world teach, please plan on attending one of her workshops.”  Dr Sunny Satin, Ph.D., C.HT., LBLT.Director, California Hypnosis Institute (USA), Director, School of Hypnotherapy, India MBR, American Board of Hypnotherapy, International Hypnosis Association 



From her startled beginning as a child rescue medium, helping others escape a traumatic moment of death, Lucy Baker has worked in the realm of spirituality and self development for over 40 years.  She has facilitated workshops, alongside such greats as Dolores Cannon, Pavel S. Gyngazov, and Andy Tomlinson at various regression, healing and energy therapy conferences, such as The World Congress of Regression Therapy in Delhi, The Medical Integrative Group in New York and remains a popular speaker within the medical, health & well-being and hypnotherapy circles internationally. Her specialty: combining everyday life skills with mindfulness, personal growth, intuitive training, meditation, stress management, tapping, shamanic practice, mediumship and personal leadership into something that everyday people can access easily. Her popular DIY hypnotherapy website, offers many metaphysical and shamanic hypnojourneys available to download as either audio journeys or written scripts, from developing your clairvoyance through to visiting a parallel life. A former nurse, hospital chaplain and trainer in palliative care, Lucy also founded The Canberra Church of Spirituality 8 years ago, now the largest alternative multi-faith church in the country, with its unique blend of mindfulness, healing meditation, cheerful songs, personal and spirituality development speakers and ancient wisdom/new age outlook.



Lucy teaches both occasional international and Australian workshops and classes in Psycho-Spiritual Hypnotherapy, metaphysics, intuitive and personal development when her schedule allows. A few private sessions are also available, as is a 3 and 6-Month Online Shamanic Mentorship Program. Please email Lucy at for details. .



The Way Of The Shamanic Intuitive: 

A two-day workshop in Perth, WA, Sept 17-18, 10-4pm, Shenton Park, $225.00  



Join Lucy for two days of toning your energy in shamanic and intuitive ways, using some of her favourite techniques and methods to access the four sensory areas for everyday use, learn how to get your self out of your own way; visit a past life in which you had intuitive and healing skills; hear about the rescue mediumship of a murder victim and whether you are meant to be a medium; discipline the mind from badly behaved ‘puppy’ to powerful ‘guide dog’; travel inwards to connect with some of the 12 totems in your energy on a shamanic journey; discover the three keys to shamanic power, find out the differences between mediums, shamans and psychics, how to walk your talk, learn how to charge your self, your house and your tools, discern what is intuition and what is mental thought; strengthen your boundaries… and more! This is my first workshop in WA for five years and I look forward to seeing you! FEW SPOTS LEFT! Email Lucy for details at


The Mindful Shaman Ocean Retreat 

my fave tuross pic

Silence. Solitude. Shamanism. Sea. Spirit. Self.  

November 11-13 2016, NSW South Coast, limited spaces, $425, all-inclusive, register now.

You are solitary yet among others, but for this weekend you are now surrounded by the forces of nature, with your retreat accommodation beside glorious ocean, long stretches of beaches and peace.

This is the popular silent retreat where you say goodbye to technology (giving your loved ones an emergency number instead that is wo-manned at all times by your host) and arrive with a clean journal in which to record the epiphanies, insights and decisions you will be receiving.

Most of the retreat is held in silence. You are here to reflect and enter yourself without the distraction of small talk and ordinary reality.

You will be given a spiritual or self-development book to ponder for much of the time. This, apart from your journal, will be the only book you will use for much of your retreat.

When the bell rings, it is time for sumptuous food and you are encouraged to treat your meal times as mindfully as you treat any other moment here in paradise.

In this silent and mindful environment, awareness sharpens, the body quiets, the mind clears, and space opens for insight and understanding to develop.

Retreat Times begins 7pm Friday, with arrivals welcomed from 4pm. Retreat ends on Sunday at 3pm.
The program is comprised of:

Guided Mindfulness Meditation
Walking Meditation (one of the great Buddhist meditative practices)
Silent Meditation
Shamanic Journeys into Accessing Wisdom
Guided Journey into Your Purpose
Personal Reflection
Plenty of solitude time for you to sit on the beaches, gaze at the ocean, lie in the sun and contemplate your life.

As is usual, accommodation will range from single and double beds, to mattresses on the soft carpeted floor. The first registrants will have the option of choosing their preferences. For those who wish to bring their own mattress, you receive a discount on the Retreat fees. While there will be some available, it’s wise to bring your own bedding (sheet, doona and pillow). A list of suggested items, such as the best type of ear plugs to bring, will be given to you upon registration. No alcohol is permitted. All meals provided, please inform us of any dietary requirements. The menu is generally vegetarian with occasionally one free range chicken dish. Desserts are not sugar free but delicious.

TO RESERVE YOUR PLACE: please email A deposit of $200 is required at this stage to book into this small group retreat. (That deposit is non-refundable after September 15 should you be unable to join us.).




The 33-Hour Shamanic Visionary Blindfold Retreat 

Accelerate Your Clair-Abilities And Move Through Fear of Shadow 

November 25-27 2016, NSW South Coast, limited spaces, $425, all-inclusive, register now.

Join Lucy for an extraordinary weekend experience of intensive activation and acceleration of your intuitive senses. One of the Shaman’s primary focuses is to see the world ‘as a sea of energy’ so as to learn more. On this retreat you will, without the benefit of physical sight be able exercise your clair-abilities, have visions and move through your fear of shadow. Go on deeper shamanic journeys, become more present than you have ever been. Retreat begins 7pm Friday, with blindfolds starting 10pm until 7am Sunday when you become incredibly aware of everything around you and free to explore the ocean, nature and beaches with energised senses. Retreat ends 11am Sunday.This is a strictly small group venture in a beautiful part of the world that you will able to hear and relax into. To register your interest, text Lucy on 0410930726.


For news on Lucy’s Upcoming European Workshops with locations including Rome, Glasgow and Bristol, please contact Lucy.