“Lucy Baker is no self-asserted guru. Lucy is the realest person I have ever met. I can’t put into words everything she has done for me over the years but I can tell you that no matter what you’ve been through or where you feel you are, Lucy will empower you in the most needed, lasting, genuine way, because Lucy teaches you to grow, let go, accept, love and most of all – to empower yourself. So very grateful.”  Nell Archer, Psychic TV, Australia 


“Lucy is much more than a teacher – she is a Force of Nature, who Walks her Talk.”  Susan P, Hypnotherapist, Australia

“Over 50K (as of 2010) hits on Youtube, yet this woman, for some strange reason, is certainly Australia’s biggest secret, and I only found her by chance over here. Her work needs a voice, out there, to reach others the way I found her.” Rob, USA

“Lucy, I don’t know how you do it, where your gift comes from, how you see what you see, how you do your readings, but so far all you told me came true. I’m extremely interested in this matter, especially as a non-believer… Something in me has opened up and I’d like to explore it more, investigate.” Magda, Europe

“I really like your way of presenting the most advanced philosophy in a simple and friendly manner. Everything is delivered very easily, which means that you are well-prepared to work with other people. Thank you for your work.” Ronald. W, Spain

“The world of spirituality and new age is chockfull of SO many teachers with enormous egos and sprouting their way or the highway. Lucy is NOT one of them. She’s humble – a breath of fresh air! The message is more important than any claim to fame and bags of money. Working with this authentic teacher gave us hope again. Grateful, thanks Lucy.”  Nelson & Sasha C, London

“Lucy cleared my townhouse and I noticed a heaviness/sadness lift. I had more energy available to move forward. The prior owner’s energy had been imprinted in the house and it was a big relief to have it released. This is way beyond a ‘spring clean’ and it made a significant difference.” Sam B., NSW

“What makes Lucy special is her way of merging a lot of subjects most teachers separate like psychic development, mediumship, individual power, shamanism, numerology, meditation – she’s across it all. More bang for my buck, and simply taught.”  James C, UK

“They should make a movie called ‘Lucy’ about this Lucy!”  Ante S, Australia

“Thank you for the messages that you shared on your YouTube channel. I felt like you were talking directly to me in many of the videos. I appreciate that you put these messages out there, and I wanted you to know how grateful I am to have spent the morning watching your light shine, and learning so many great lessons. I feel so much more free, open, easy and as you say, ‘soft’. I feel like this journey is going to be more fun now, and that makes me SO HAPPY!”  Stephanie (Burlington Ontario, Canada)

“As the principal organizer of the 2nd World Congress on Regression and Past Life Therapy held in New Delhi, India in March 2006, I had the pleasure of inviting and working with Lucy Baker in India. She combines mind techniques, energy flows, and her inherent shamanic abilities to enable (what I would call) ‘miracle’ healings for her clients. At the same time, Lucy freely teaches all that she knows and practices, without holding anything back. If you are interested in learning techniques that very few people in the world teach, please plan on attending one of her workshops.”  Dr Sunny Satin, Ph.D., C.HT., LBLT.Director, California Hypnosis Institute (USA), Director, School of Hypnotherapy, India MBR, American Board of Hypnotherapy, International Hypnosis Association 


From her startled beginning as a child rescue medium, helping others escape a traumatic moment of death, Lucy Baker has worked in the realm of spirituality and self development for over 40 years.  She has led global energy clearing tours, worked with murder victims and their families and facilitated workshops, alongside such greats as Dolores Cannon, Pavel S. Gyngazov, and Andy Tomlinson at various regression, healing and energy therapy conferences, such as The World Congress of Regression Therapy in Delhi, The Medical Integrative Group in New York and remains a popular speaker within the medical, health & well-being and hypnotherapy circles internationally. Her specialties: clearing homes that have been affected by crime and death; personal sessions that motivate and clarify – and teaching others by combining everyday life skills with mindfulness, personal growth, intuitive training, meditation, stress management, tapping, shamanic practice, mediumship and personal leadership into something that everyday people can access easily. Women in Canberra can join her Women’s Spirituality & Power group here, or her Perth group here, both of which offer special workshops, regular classes and retreats focused on intuitive, creative and personal development at very reasonable rates. Her popular DIY hypnotherapy website, offers many metaphysical and shamanic hypnojourneys available to download as either audio journeys or written scripts, from developing your clairvoyance through to visiting a parallel life. A former nurse, hospital chaplain and trainer in palliative care, Lucy also founded The Canberra Church of Spirituality 9 years ago, now the largest alternative multi-faith church in the country, with its unique blend of mindfulness, healing meditation, cheerful songs, personal and spirituality development speakers and ancient wisdom/new age outlook. (Services run Feb 12-Dec 10 in 2017, please go to Lucy’s ‘Canberra Spirit’ page on here to find out more.)

Lucy teaches both occasional international and Australian workshops in metaphysics, intuitive and personal development when her schedule allows. A few private sessions are regularly available via Skype, facetime and face to face.


Coming up:


The Practical Intuitive Development Level ONE 8-Week Course in Canberra, Friday evenings 630-815pm, from February 17 to March 14, $25 per class (see details below).

The Practical Intuitive Development Level TWO 8-Week Course in Canberra, Tuesday evenings 630-815pm, from February 21 to April 4, $25 per class.

More About The Practical Intuitive Development Level One course: This training is the prerequisite for Level 2 in 2017. Our final class is on Friday April 14 (we are skipping one Friday night on March 17 due to my South Coast Writers Retreat that weekend). What could be more self-loving than gifting yourself with the toning and powering up of your MIND, your MOJO and your SENSES?!!
This is my POPULAR LEVEL ONE course for all levels of experience and especially those with some awareness but who want to learn in the safest and most grounded way possible, in order to heal, grow and develop their skills. This is what you will be getting in my course… notes and homework including a very important full moon completion ritual…each week follows a set theme.

Your commitment to attend every class is essential – as each week builds upon your development – and your guides don’t tend to enjoy waiting around.:) Each week, you are also given course notes and homework. If you cannot attend one session, you will need to still . pay for your place on it, and then receive your notes and a recording of the class.

Topics include: gaining a new perspective of life and purpose, types of soul mates, types of past lives, karma and reincarnation, cleansing your space, retuning the negative mind, activating the power-spots in your home, learning how to trust your gut, dreamwork, the difference between impulse and intuition…visiting a past life in which you were psychic or a healer and KNEW how to do all this…mediumship and whether it’s for you, the dimensions and what they mean in simple terms, why psychic attack is a compliment, psychic protection and the strongest method I work with…strengthening the four intuitive centres, tuning and channelling inspiration from guides, auras and chakric toning, and connecting with Spirit as an everyday tool in life and self-development….

Here’s what past students said about it:
“Loved it! Looking forward to the coming weeks.” “An awesome first night, Lucy has the most beautiful delivery and uses very simple techniques that provide students with tangible and intuitive results. I am so excited for the coming classes.” “Great, really excited about the full Moon homework for this Sunday . Having a great time in class, Lucy is so fun 🙂 “ “Incredible, very thorough and a lot of fun.”

Do join me – trust your intuition and register if you feel drawn – commit to class, as messages start to come through prior to you attending each week – and join me for the journey into yourselves!

Any queries, go to, or email me. Arrive 6.15pm onwards for a prompt start at 6.30pm and class ends 8.15pm. $25 payable each week through PayPal when you register (and if need be, contact me for alternative payments methods).  BYO each week, your A4 notepad, pen and water – sometimes you will be asked to bring a yoga mat and eye mask if we are journeying shamanically to meet totems or visit and retrieve power from a past life.






2017 Events include: (Australia, NSW South Coast) The Writers Retreat March 18-19, The Silent Ocean Retreat; The Fifth Direction Shamanic Retreat and The Inner Child Healing Retreat, (USA, Texas) The Mindful Shaman Retreat, Practical Intuitive Development and The Writers Retreat. 


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